Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nu Labour and ‘Planning’ - the latest spin story…

Today it’s all about ‘Planning’. The UK Government is rolling out a whole new book of rules for the planners. Apparently, so the spin goes, (and as enthusiastically reported by the BBC) England is awash with objections to planning applications for conservatories, outside bog conversions and kitchen extensions - so much so that something just has to be done!

Our far-sighted Government, ever anxious to improve the lot of your average English person has decided that this prevarication simply must stop. ‘Planning’ has just got to be made easier. In future they’ll be leaning on the lean-to fascist, kicking the conservatory nimby in the nuts and saying "YES" to that all important roof conversion for young Sharon and her expected little bundle of joy.

The killjoys, – uber upvc troublemakers most of them, will not in future be able to object on the grounds of ‘taste’, and ‘bringing the rest of the neighbourhood down’… From now on, planning permission objectors will be given the red card….

So, as well as Sharon’s roof conversion, Bob and Mary’s spanking new citadel of conservatory living and little Johnny’s new bedroom over the garage - those nimby nazis won’t be able to object to the friendly new nuclear power station being built at the end of the road. Which is a bit of a pity as it has somewhat ruined Bob and Mary’s south facing panoramic window facility.

Sharon can whistle Dixie if she thinks she can stop the 500 tonnes of slightly warm nuclear sludge being buried underneath her newly converted little bit of heaven in the roof space. And little Johnny? Well if he wants to have a play in a field, best get his Mum to take him by car – through the brand new 250,000 house development that has just sprung up outside his bedroom window….

Note:The new relaxation of the Planning laws will only affect England, obviously. The reason being that both Scotland and Wales have said that they will not be taking any nuclear waste to bury, or indeed building any nuclear power stations.

They have however said they would both like to have some cheap nuclear energy when the new stations are built in England.

Their planning laws are there to preserve the integrity of their respective countries. Ours are to be amended to enable Nu Labour to further advance ‘Operation English Shithole’……

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