Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Looks like a job for Blairman and Gordin, the Boy Wonder....

Holy disaster!
Peugeot announced today that their English car plant at Ryton is to close in the ever so near future.

So what happens when an English car factory hits the buffers? Let’s look at the archives. Let’s look at what happened in April, last year when Longbridge, the Rover flagship suddenly found they had no money, no future – oh, and they owed the Taxman over 100 million quid.

Fear not, the dynamic duo, Blair and Brown were through those factory gates (using the Queen’s flight, obviously) faster than you could say ‘photo-opportunity’

Holy cow!
Cue jackets off and rolled up shirtsleeves, cue spray-on sweaty armpits, half drunk cups of coffee, half eaten BLTs and bottles of water. Tone and Gord are here and boy, do they mean business....

Gordon, the boy wonder, immediately writes off the hundred mill’ tax debt.

Tony sweats profusely as he feels the angst, he lives the agony that the Longbridge workers are going through.

Blairman, the caped crusader reaches into his Utility Belt and hands over a few more mill’ of Cherie's housekeeping in support and pledges super-hero brotherhood with the workforce forever, or until just after May 5th, whichever came first.

Well, the 5th May came first, which just happened to be General Election day – Labour and the control freakery trolls won for a third term…. and Longbridge? Flogged off for a song, dismantled and re-erected near Shangai in China.

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