Saturday, April 08, 2006

Health apartheid in the the UK

Email sent to Patricia Hewitt, Secretary of State for Health and to Rosie Cooper, my useless MP - 5/4/06.

Ms Hewitt, I see the whole Scottish population now qualify for free eye tests. Hooray for them then! When do you think this free goody will be available in England to me, my wife - and also to you?

And while we are on the subject of Health apartheid within the UK, when do you think the entire population of England will qualify for free prescriptions - as the entire population of Wales are due to get next year?

And while we are on the subject of English lives apparently mattering less than others in the UK, when do you think English women suffering from breast cancer will be prescribed Herceptin, as of right (as already happens in Wales and Scotland) - or will they continue to have to find a Lawyer first rather than a Chemist?

Could you give me YOUR answers on these 3 important questions, rather than a bland reply from the Dept of Health waffle division. And please, can you reply via email - it saves on postage, is kind to the the environment and is 'expenses neutral' to the taxpayer.

Needless to say, my local MP has already sent me an email saying she has forwarded my enquiry to the Department of Health, waffle division. Hewitt has yet to reply.

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