Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Welcome to 'Warehouse blighted Blighty' – and the ‘spatial strategy’ as visualised by the Fat Control freak……

Good old Johnny Prescott. Not content with the 4 million new houses on brownish, (but mostly greenish) English land – fat boy wants to fill in the little bits of greenery that are left with monstrous warehouses.

Most of the Warehouse building frenzy will be taking place in the Midlands – and Prescott’s poodles in that part of the world - the ‘West Midlands Regional Assembly’ will, I’m sure be doing their very utmost to role over and betray the people that have elected them….. Sorry, really, really sorry, got a bit confused there – for a minute I thought I was living in some sort of ‘democracy’…

‘This weekend it emerged that the West Midlands Regional Assembly is considering plans for up to five "regional logistics sites" where several huge warehouses would be located side-by-side along major roads.

Under the plans, each site would cover 123-200 acres and would operate round the clock, generating 1,500 lorry journeys a day’…..

Hmmm, just how long do you think the WMRA will be ‘considering’ this proposal then? Until Prescott says he wants an answer – and the answer he wants is the ‘right’ answer, of course.

If you go to the great brown nosing talking shop that is the West Midlands Regional Assembly and have a look at their website – you’ll find lots of rubbish about partnerships, sustainable development this, regional concordat that, and the rather expressively and ludicrously titled ‘Regional Spatial Strategy’. Apparently, as it says on the home page, ‘RSS’ provides the detail of policies to ensure that physical development in the region will deliver renaissance for both urban and rural communities in the West Midlands.

Or, to put it another way, they’ll do whatever the Fat Controller tells them to.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Prescott you are an utter bastard – you are constructing a country fit for basket cases and a bloom of warehouses to put them in. It simply isn’t sustainable to build and build and build. The ‘Spatial Strategy’ is marketing bollocks for ‘let’s hoodwink the public with jargonese’ – because they’re thick enough to swallow it – and when they do twig it, we’ll all be drowning in concrete.

God, how I detest that man and his slash and burn agenda – as well as the fluffed up self importance brigade, who cannot wait to do his bidding for the promise of a gong or two and getting their towns twinned with Barbados. .


wonkotsane said...

Where are these 1,500 lorries per day going to drive? Let's see ... the M6 is the busiest and most congested road in Europe. The A5 is part dual carriageway but mainly single carriageway and during daylight hours is heavily congested. The urban areas of the West Midlands are girdlocked most of the day. Where the fuck are 1,500 lories going to go?

The Gorse Fox said...

Interesting homework question:

Who has wreaked the most destruction on England in the last 1000 years? Is it a) Cromwell; b) Henry VIII; c) Hitler; or d) the Odious Deputy Minister.

Gorse Fox thinks the facts speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...


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