Monday, April 20, 2009

Hey, our Chief Exec' says it's OK to celebrate Englishness!

Bill Taylor, our local council's Chief Exec' is a larger than life character - especially for the staid types of West Lancashire.

Bill, resplendent in nice tan, designer spex and personalised number plate on his Range Rover is the type of dude who likes to keep up with the times. One of his current projects is a weekly video blog where he likes to tell it as it is to the West Lancashire masses.... The world according to Bill...

This week, Bill (a Scotsman by the way)expounds his belief that we should all celebrate our proudyness in being English - and hey, you too need not feel ashamed.

It was all going so well until Bill-baby said this -
'...Being patriotic is second nature to most Scots and Irish people, but sometimes it seems to me at least that English people have some difficulty in expressing their patriotism. Until recently, to be found waving a Union flag was to somehow be associated with far right politics. Fortunately, the ability to fly the Union flag and to be English is much more mainstream'

Bill, in my humble opinion, you should 1) invest in a book of flags 2) invest in an autocue for your videos.

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