Friday, February 06, 2009

The LibDems - pedalling more lies and deception....

Yesterday saw the launch of the Liberal Democrats grand plans to 'fix' the class based education system in Britain.

I know that this new policy initiative applies to the whole of Britain because their leader, legover-lethario Nick Clegg said so -

“While fighting the recession is currently the top priority, Britain cannot afford to get stuck in thinking only of our present - we must plan for the future. This means the best education for the youngest children to deliver a truly free society.

"The enormous gap that still exists in Britain today between the performance of our most disadvantaged children and those from richer families is an outrage. The Liberal Democrats believe that every child should be entitled to the best possible education no matter what their background is".

I know that the policy applies to the whole of Britain because Ming Campbell, MP for North East Fife in Scotland said 'right across the country' on yesterday's edition of 'The Daily Politics'

I know that the policy applies to the whole of Britain because on the LibDems website, it says -

Nick Clegg announced radical new education policies to fix inequalities in Britain’s ‘class-based education system.’

And I know that this policy applies to the whole of Britain because on last night's BBC 6 o'clock news, ace education correspondent Rita Chakrabarti told me so by not mentioning England or English even once during her non-depth and factually crap report. (Don't you just love all that BBC impartiality?)

Except that this being post devolution Britain, it doesn't, does it? Apply to Britain, I mean.....

I found out that it only applies to England because - At the very bottom of the Lib Dems web article it says in tiny text -

This item refers to England. Due to devolution, detailed policy may be different in other parts of the UK.

I found out that it only applies to England because on yesterday's Daily Politics show, Ming Campbell used the phrase 'Right across the country' a lot. And we of the nationalist fraternity know that 'right across the country' is politician's code for England.

I found out that it only applies to England because Ming Campbell has a Scottish constituency with bugger-all to do with the education of kids in England - and therefore feels more than qualified to shove his nose into business that doesn't concern him. (Well, what else has he got to do?)

I found out that it only applies to England because I rang LibDem HQ this morning to get confirmation from a PR foot soldier that the policy only applied to England. "Yes, it only applies to England" he said........

STOP PRESS - Coming soon. A fly-on-the-wall video documentary on life as a particular kind of MP...


DougtheDug said...

The media problem is simple.

While the BBC and ITV provide a form of national news program for Scotland, Ireland and Wales, they only provide local news coverage for England.

For both ITV and the BBC, the main UK news also has to double as the English news in the same way as the UK Parliament also doubles as England's Parliament.

The problems occur when the news hacks and the news readers don't get the distinction between England and Britain though to be fair it can be difficult for them when politicians also mix up England and the UK either through ignorance or deliberately.

The question is why did Ming not acknowledge that education is a devolved matter in both NI and in Scotland?

I suspect it is deliberate. As a British nationalist the less he marks the differences between Scotland, NI and England the better.

Like his pal Brown he wants everyone to think of Britain as one unitary state not a collection of countries and provinces.

The same probably goes for the rest of them in the Lib-Dems who are hard line unionists especially in Scotland. Federalism is unionism, it just rearranges the internal government of the UK.

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