Sunday, May 28, 2006

In defence of the patriotic white van man…..

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed a bit of a journalistic vendetta lately against drivers of white vans sporting those little St George’s flags out of their windows. Readers of the Guardian will know that their reporters have been condescendingly rubbishing White van man, Mondeo Man and VW man – any damn man with a car, a window and a St George’s flag sticking out of it for weeks now. Independent guest columnist, Janet Street Porter has also been pouring particular vitriol upon WVM and their flag waving brethren. I doubt these pampered illiberal liberals have ever met any 'white van men' – save for the bloke struggling into their home-counties houses carrying a new freezer. I myself only know one – he wears the regulation WVM white T-shirt, he has a shaven head, he has tattoos on his arms and a flag dangling out of his van window – as well as a a St George’s flag air freshener. He also happens to be a member of Mensa. Does that therefore mean all white van men have an IQ of over 150? Do you think he should paint his white van to 'grey matter' colour?

And that’s the nub really. Fascists like Brooker, Harker and the woman who can open bin lids with her teeth are content to earn their crusts rolling out clichés by the bucket load. Sneering elitism from a liberal cabal, worried that those below stairs may be getting just a little bit uppity by publicly expressing an afinity. Why do they appear to have such a big problem with the manifestation of a specifically English nationalism? Why do they ALWAYS equate it to low brow Neanderthal behaviour, knuckle draggers and divs? Why cannot we be allowed to celebrate OUR own national identity like everyone else does without some liberal Islington bigot from the Guardian crying 'far right'?

If a man in a white van sticks a flag out of his van window - big deal, it's his business and no one else's, ain't it?. It's his decision alone. My advice to the Indy and Guardian hand wringing brigade, why don’t you just mind your own bleeding business, or better still, why don’t you fly off to the USA for the duration. You will find ‘old glory’ flying from most public buildings, in every single classroom and on a hell of a lot of American lawns….. but Janet, if you do go there, don’t diss their flag, they’ll lock you up for it.

Do you think Brooker, Street Porter and co will be writing such hand-wringing articles just prior to 2012 - London Olympics when the Union flag will be pasted on anything that moves?

Do you think he will be saying we MUST drag the Union flag back from the BNP?

Somehow, I doubt it.

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